ota-tools is a collection of open source tools for use with the OpenTravel Specifications.

These software tools are useful for building, testing, and exercising web services (and other interfaces) for the travel industry which comply with the specifications of the Open Travel Alliance (OTA).

This project is hosted by sourceforge at ota-tools.

ota-tools - Open source travel software projects

Note: If you would like to help on one of these projects or you would like to add your open source project to ota-tools, just go to our sourceforge project page to join.

JiBX schema library for

JiBX schema library This project has pre-packaged OSGi components ready to include into your project. Since the code has already been bound to the schema, you can start using it right now. Just add the maven dependencies to your project and start writing code.
Status: Latest schema: 2014B.
Download: No download required. The source and bundles are available in the public maven repository.

Simple Schema Tools

Simple Schema Building Tools If you want to create a tailored package with just the schema you want using your favorite binding package, this is the project for you.
Status: Latest schema: 2014B.
Download: No download required. The source and bundles are available on the public repository.

Development framework

OpenTravel Server Project Framework - A development framework for handling OpenTravel messages.
Status: Latest schema: 2009B.
Download: here!

Schema Tools

OTA Schema Tools A set of ant based utilities to extract and cleanup the opentravel schema for schema tools such as jaxb.
Status: Latest schema: 2014B.
Download: here!

soapui Tools

OTA Soapui Tools A simple framework for testing your opentravel clients and servers using the open source soapui tool.
Status: Latest schema: 2014B.
Download: here!

Perl Tools

A set of Perl tools for handling OTA-compliant (Open Travel Alliance) messages.

Status: Has not been updated in a while

Java Tools

This utility runs a battery of XML message tests and checks the expected results for accuracy.

Status: Has not been updated in a while

Other OpenTravel open source projects

If you want to be listed in this section, just send me an email. - Open Source Tour Operations System.
Home Page:
Developer Page:

Status: Fully functioning tour operator system.


otoss - Open Source Reference Implementation of the Open Travel Specifications.
Home Page:
Developer Page:

Status: Looks like they are still getting organized

Other resources

OpenTravel - The Open Travel Alliance. The de-facto standard for messaging in the travel industry. These specs are not open source, but are freely available for download and use. If you want access to advanced resources or if you want to contribute to these specs, you must join


tourgeek Blog - My blog has step-by-step instructions for working with opentravel messages using open source software. Creating web services using REST and SOAP. on Android. You name it!

openaxis - This set of standards is more focused on airline capabilities than
The schema set is very comprehensive, but the schema itself is very low quality. Open Axis does things like mixing case on included schema. Open Axis has many XML elements with no type definition. Many of the Open Axis schemas have no target namespace. This means you probably can't use most schema tools and binding utilities with openaxis. I've tried.

NDA - New Distribution Capability

IATA - New Distribution Capability (NDC) - This is a new standard being developed bu IATA. We'll have to wait and see how this standard progresses.
Current status: vaporware. Simple Hotel Search Simple Hotel Search API - Availability Request - Specifications for serving modified 2004b requests for the Kayak web site.


Rezgo Blog - Rezgo is the main contributor to the Tour Activity Schema. Read Stephen Joyce's Blog for interesting insight on this schema for the tour and activity industry segment.


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