Welcome to ota-schema-tools

ota-schema-tools are a set of ant based utilities to extract and cleanup the opentravel schema.

You can find this project here: SourceForge.

Before we get started... if you are the kind of developer who likes to be led through a project step-by-step, you may want to read my blog Creating jaxb Files From the Opentravel Schema

To use this tool, download a schema zip file from opentravel.org, drop it in the

ota-schema-zip-files directory and type:

> ant

Your schema will be unzipped, organized, and cleaned up.

If you would like to create the jaxb (java bindings for xml) library, click here.

If you would like to create the xmlbeans library, click here.

If you would like to create the JiBX library, click here.

If you would like to create xsddoc documentation, click here.

The opentravel schema is huge. Each schema has its little quirks that

make using some of the cool schema tools difficult or impossible. Some of the tools have quirks

that keep you from using them on perfectly valid opentravel schema.

For example,

The 2006B, 2007A, and 2007B specifications declare an EventType type in two different schema.

- This is fine, unless you are using both schema at the same time

The OTA_RailAvailRS schema in the 2008A specification declares a element with an attribute named 'class'

- This is perfectly valid, until you use the jaxb compiler; 'class' is a reserved word in java.

what ota-schema-tools does is exactly what you would do to the opentravel schema after downloading it:

1 - Unzip it and organize the files so you can use your schema tool

2 - Clean up the schema so it will work with your tool

3 - Configure your tool so it will work with the schema

4 - Run your tool against the schema

Currently implemented specifications:

2004B, 2005A, 2005B, 2006A, 2006B, 2007A, 2007B, 2008A, 2008B, 2009A (email me if you need this to work with other schema)

To download ota-tools, click on http://ota-tools.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/ota-tools/, then click 'download GNU tarball'. Linux users should know how to expand this file; windows users just google 'windows untar' for instructions.

Have Fun!

Don <don@donandann.com>