To use ota-schema-tools to create jaxb files from the opentravel schema, follow these simple steps:

  1. Edit the ota-schema-tools/config/[spec]/jaxb/ota.xsd file to only include the schema that you want. (Where [spec] is the ota schema version ie., 2007A)

  2. Add the jaxb jars to your classpath, or edit the build.xml file and change the property jaxb.home to point to the jaxb home directory. If you have glassfish installed, enter the glassfish home directory (jaxb is in the glassfish lib directory).

  3. Download a schema zip file from and drop it in the ota-schema-zip-files directory, then type:
    > export ANT_OPTS=-Xmx512m
    > ant dist

Your schema will be unzipped, organized, and cleaned up, compiled using jaxb, and placed in a jar.

If you need a little more concrete example, check my blog Creating jaxb files from the opentravel schema

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